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Anchors Away

Life brings about many things. Some good, some not so good. For example, when you sit at your college graduation and think about the fact that you are the first one in your family to graduate from college and get a job, you are overwhelmed and overjoyed at all the Lord has done for you. Your heart is full and you are extremely thankful for the many ways the Lord has blessed you. Now fast forward a year or two when are on the verge of losing that “really good” job due to company downsizing. Are you still thankful and overjoyed for this job? For this situation? Or are you cursing the Lord every chance you get because “you don’t deserve this”?

We all know there are ups and downs in this life. When life is up, it’s really up. However, when it’s down, it’s really down. One of the best examples of life ups and downs are found the book of Job. Job may have been the richest man on the earth. Job had land, animals, a huge home, servants, beautiful children, you name it, Job had it (Job 1:3). Job had always done a great job of giving God the glory for everything he had, and did so by living a life that was pleasing to the God. As a matter of fact, Job thanked God so much and so often that the devil became overly jealous. The devil inquired about Job to the Lord, and asked for permission to test him, bother him, & wreak havoc on him. God knew that He could trust Job to remain faithful to Him, no matter what may come his way. God allowed the devil to have rule over the things in Job’s life, but prohibited him from harming Job directly. (Job 1:12)

The devil did a real number on Job. The devil was responsible for Job losing his money, his land, his animals, his servants, his CHILDREN…everything. While the devil was trying to get Job to curse God and then some, Job never cursed God. He never charged God with any wrongdoing. Job trusted God completely. After all his loss and suffering, God returned everything that Job lost. Not only did Job trust God completely regarding his loss and suffering, but God trusted Job not to curse Him. God knew Job would remain faithful no matter what the circumstances of life brought his ways. Moral of the story…can God trust YOU?!

As humans walking this Earth we have the potential to experience, births, weddings, baby showers, deaths, car accidents, unexpected layoffs, relocation, etc. Through all of these things, we must be grounded in God and in the promise that He sent to us, His Son Jesus Christ. We must be firm, rooted, and anchored in Jesus…not things or people. The Word teaches us that long-suffering is the supernatural ability to endure troubles, and yet still stay in love, be full of joy, and at perfect rest, while you are struggling through the fiercest of storms. (Galatians 5:22) Will you endure for the Lord?

When you decide to be about Jesus and live your life for Him, you have to be all in. That is the only way this thing will work. This is the only way to truly receive what God has stored up just for you. Whether you are staring at the boat from a distance, standing on the boat but you don’t know if you want to anchor yourself, or you’ve dropped your anchor in Jesus a long time ago and are faithful, diligent, and intentional, we all have to make a daily decision to stay anchored in Jesus! We must keep Jesus at the center of it ALL! I guarantee you won’t regret it 🙂

“How sweet the name of Jesus, sounds in a believer’s ear; it soothes his sorrows, heals his wounds, and drives away his fears.” -John Newton